Markets & Credit Based Approach to Digital Asset:


Institutional Digital Asset Financial Solutions

  • Secure - Cold storage custody of your cryptocurrency by a qualified and insured custodian


    Digital assets are protected and secured in a cold storage vault with a third-party, qualified and insured custodian during the loan tenor.

  • Better- Low interest rates No Margin Calls


    No Margin Calls
    0 - 3% APR
    30 - 80% LTV
    Short Tenors

  • Qualifications - $1M + in Net Worth


    The DrawBridge platform serves institutional clients and accredited investors only, in accordance with national regulatory guidelines.

Section - Drawbridge Lending
  • OUR VISION - ---



    Our vision at DrawBridge Lending is simple: Provide the most reliable and efficient service for connecting institutional lenders with borrowers seeking to monetize their digital assets.

  • OUR MISSION - ---



    Operating as a CFTC regulated Commodity Trading Advisor (“CTA”) and Commodity Pool Operator (“CPO”), DrawBridge Lending will initiate USD loans on a blockchain, and protect borrower assets and lender capital using a third-party, qualified and insured custodian, and advanced risk management strategies.




    With prior leadership roles at DRW, ABN-Amro & Traditium, DrawBridge Lending has an executive team that brings over 125 years of experience in legal, lending, technology, brokerage and trading.

The next evolution for lending

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Next Generation in Lending
Section - Drawbridge Loans
DrawBridge Loans
Rates & Terms

Loans designed for your advantage

Leverage your Digital Assets without Selling

Liquidity - Get more financial flexibility while remaining long on your crypto assets.


Get more financial flexibility while remaining long your crypto assets

Investments - Reinvest in the market while holding your crypto assets.


Use loan proceeds to reinvest in other cryptocurrencies

Tax Benefits - Loans can help manage possible tax burdens from capital gains events.


Loans can help manage possible tax burdens from capital gains

ASSETS SECURED - Qualified and insured custodian cold storage.


Qualified and insured custodian cold storage

Rates designed for your benefit

Avoid the hassle of a margin call, hidden fees, and high rates.

TERMS - 6 Month, Non-Recourse Loans


• 1, 2 & 6 Month Tenors
• Non-Recourse & No Margin Calls
• Price Ceiling at Loan Maturity

LOW INTEREST RATE - Matching Fed Funds Rate - 2.25% to 2.50%


• 0 - 3% APR

LOAN TO VALUE - 25% to 45%


• 30 - 75% LTV
• Contact DBL for custom LTV inquires

Adjust Your Portfolio - Acquire more for your business's future


• Institutional Investors & Eligible Contract Participants Only

Loan Calculator

Loan Amount

LTV ranges from 30 - 75% of the collateral value. Loan to Value is the ratio of USD that we will lend against the collateral value.

Assets Needed

Calculator is based on a 35% Loan to Value.
BTC 0.00
Total Interest
Based on a 2.5% APR.
Price Ceiling
Estimated price ceiling amount is based on 2x of the current price of Bitcoin. If the below price ceiling is exceeded at end of loan term, your assets will be subject to a call.
6 Months
Calculation is based on a 6 month tenor.

*Calculator Disclaimer: This loan calculator is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute an actual offer. Actual loan terms may vary. Displayed terms are based on a hypothetical loan-to-value (LTV), interest rate, price ceiling, and a price that is updated only once daily. If the price exceeds the price ceiling at the end of the loan term, the pledged collateral will be redeemed and all proceeds will be delivered to the borrower in USD.

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Drawbridge Team

“Our executive team’s vision extends beyond Bitcoin as more crypto assets are approved by regulators for trading on U.S. exchanges. Additionally, institutional lenders are finding our risk management and regulatory experience in the trading space a major factor in sponsoring loans.”

-Tom Anderson, President, DrawBridge Lending

  • Jason Urban - CEO

    Jason Urban


  • Tom Anderson - President

    Tom Anderson


  • Jason O'Reilly - COO/CFO

    Jason O'Reilly


  • Matt Lisle - GC/CAO

    Matt Lisle

    General Counsel/CAO

  • Kevin Anderson - Director of Marketing & PR

    Kevin Anderson

    Director - Strategy & Development

  • Michael Creadon - Head of Business Development

    Michael Creadon

    Head of Institutional Sales

  • Michael Aufmann - Sr. Director of Sales

    Michael Aufmann

    Senior Director of Sales

  • Mike Johannes - Analyst

    Mike Johannes

    Blockchain & Data Analyst

  • Varun Sehgal - Product Specialist

    Varun Sehgal

    Product Specialist

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